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Select a space for your decal.

Maybe a space that needs a makeover or a wall that needs a fresh start. Take good measurements of the amount of space you want to cover with your art decal, and make sure you do some research of colors, designs and other ideas you may want to...  With the previous research of colors, try to match your ideas with the different designs, patterns and sizes that exist. Think about how a color or size of a Sticker could change the look or the perspective of a room. 

Make sure that wherever you're going to position your decal is completely clean, smooth and free of anything that will get on the way. You can previously clean it and make sure it's completely dry before you apply the decal.

Position your decal and tape it to secure it.

Check  that your decal is in a perfect position and go ahead and tape it in the edges and center. You won't want movement while you are removing the backing paper or any mistakes!

Every time you get a Custom Vinyl, sticker or decal, it always comes with an extra layer of paper (transfer paper) which is located on the back. You are going to remove that part of the decal.

So the first step is slowly taking off that backing paper with your decal previously taped to the wall.

Use a Resistant material or Cricut Scraper. We consider this step, highly important and necessary. To ensure the vinyl sticks perfectly to the wall you may want to use a resistive material, Cricut scraper or even a credit card. While taking the back paper off and pressing the deal to the wall, start rubbing the vinyl from the middle and pressing outward so you make sure the entire surface is sticking right to the wall and leaving no bubbles on it. 



Some important tips you will want to follow from our website  Bonice Decor.


Nowadays the majority of wallpapers are made to be removable. It is now a perfect option for people who are renting and don't want to paint or damage any part of their space and you can remove it eventually. 

By obvious reason and because you are dealing with special material you will want to be patient and  careful  of how you grab it or put it gently into a certain position. And the most frequently asked question…

Will removable Wall stickers, wall decals or wallpapers ruin my paint? 

For the fortune of many, NO! In this case, wall stickers and peel and stick wallpapers are totally and easy for removable options.One of the things that may happen and its possible, is that it might leave some adhesive or sticky feeling in the wall, which you can wash it off easily. 




Not hard AT ALL...

This trend in home decor and DIY design technique came to make your life easier and with much more style! Applying a decal or art decal is as simple as you can imagine! Any person of (almost) any age can do it. The internet is full of tutorials and tips to follow, telling you how to peel and stick you wall decals.

Instead of worrying about how hard and slow is going to paint your wall, just replace it with something easy and much more stylish.




How to know the best way to know what kind of surface is  better for our wall stickers? 

For the experience and moments that we have witnessed, the best and common surface to recommend is a very smooth, clean and dust free. It could be a plain wall, a window, a mirror or even a door.




Many people think or make a cleaning routine with your decals sound crazy! A lot of clients think of it as a ‘’tabu’’, when it's totally possible! For a better look of your decal you can wipe it off with a very small amount of water or without to wipe off the dust in it.


Most people consider Custom vinyl or decals a one use product. Guess what? You're wrong! A great thing about this material of wallpapers is that you can easily remove them and after reuse it next time! Remember to always save the transfer paper if you ever want to take it off and save it for later! Whenever you remove it from the wall immediately place it back to the transfer paper.




Decals or wallpapers can be reused as we said previously. By following the instructions of saving the decals  and the steps you would want to follow to take care of your decal for further use.

A wall sticker can have a lifetime of 2 or 3  times use. It depends on the material, brand and kind of adhesive each brand has.








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