Tips for your baby room

Here comes the baby!

Whether you got months or weeks until your new bundle of happiness comes home, or even if your baby is already with you, it is always a good idea to make their room a magical space.

Sometimes it could be a little difficult to get an agreement with your significant other, family, or even best friend to have the idea of how the room would look like. From brightly colors to gender-neutral color palettes there are tones of ideas for a baby's room.

One of our favorite platforms is definitely Pinterest (pst have you already check out Bonice over there?) we think that Pinterest is the perfect tool to get some inspo for color palettes, furniture, or patterns ideas for decorating the walls.

So in this post, we are gonna give you a few tips to make look flawless your baby´s room.


Ok so you can go with the traditional colors, like pink or blue, but how about giving it a little twist with a nice wall decal? Also remember to put useful furniture, like a rocking chair or even a bed, because in more than one time someone could take care of your baby, so why not to have space for the one that checks out your little bundle of joy.



Planning a baby's room can be overwhelming, especially with a lot of items on the market, but this depends only on your personal preferences, even tho there are a few things that are indispensable.

Here a list:

-Changing table
-Baby monitor
-Storage baskets
-Clothes hamper
-Bouncer seat



Funny Patterns

Add some interest patterns for your baby room, you can keep it simple with polka dots patterns, mini stars, or some triangles that could simulate pines trees.

One of the benefits of crate your own pattern is that you can play with de decor of your baby room and build a really stylish space.




Even though you can decor the walls with a pattern that is one of the easiest things to do; just peel and stick! A big plus to the room could be some nature, carpets, a teddy bear, or a decorative animal wall head, just like the picture below.

Photo: Ivy Baby Co.

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