Christmas is coming!

Set in one, two, three…hot chocolate, cozy pajamas, and Christmas movie marathon.

We cannot wait for Christmas parties, definitely one of the favorite seasons by far. Generally, when Christmas is coming, everyone looks like a total shopaholic, why? Because is the season when you want to give a nice present to everyone you love, buy new clothes for the Christmas season, because is pretty common to have a lot of events (pst you can omit that one because of #Covid19) lots of food, and of course house decor.

Most of the times, the first thing to do on the list is to settle up the tree; lots of lights, Christmas spheres, and hundreds of ornaments. Don´t be shy and show your Christmas vibes.

It is pretty common for people to decor their homes since the beginning of December (or even in the middle mist of November if you are a Christmas lover).


Christmas Decal

Why is decor so important?

Having a home decore it say a lot about you and your family because it represents personality and character, remember that simple things can represent a lot, like, what all of you like, how is the vibe on the house and even how they feel, maybe that last thing sound kinda cheesy, but it is true because it shows the love you have for your house and the enthusiastic you have for celebrating a pretty nice season of the year.


Christmas decal

So if you already have your Christmas tree, what is next?

There is plenty of things you can do to decor, in fact, one of our recommendations are some DIY, it is a really nice way to spend time with family, friends, with your couple or by yourself. On our Pinterest we create a board with our favorites projects, so check it out.

Of course one of our favorites ways to decore is wall decals!

A great idea to also decor your kids roo, is with Wall decals with their favorites cartoon or movie characters, remember that in Bonice you can totally personalize your vinyl. Let´s cheer up your kids room with funny and cute Christmas decals.

Don't be a Grinch and show everyone your Christmas spirit!


Christmas Wall Decal

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