Ready for Valentine's Day?

As many of you may know, on Bonice we love the seasonal decor! So here comes one of our favorites: Valentine´s Day.

Do you know how started this celebration?

Well, first things first, this day born thanks to the ancient Romans, they have a day on their calendar for the festival of Lupercalia, this festival was in the mid-February and it was for celebrated the coming of spring, and fertility rites.

But thanks to Pope Gelasius I, replaced Lupercalia with St. Valentines´s Day, a day full of romance know celebrated on February 14.

So now you know a little bit about this celebration, let's talk about our favorite topic…decor!

Yes, you alright, you know we love to give you a lot of options to decor your walls for every season and occasion, from a newborn room to a Christmas decor, because remember that at Bonice we can create into a wall sticker whatever you want, so let your imagination fly and send us a DM to our Instagram to tell us what you have on mind.

Ok, so after that commercial break, we want to show you a few ideas that we been working on for Valentine´s Day.

Home Office Decor

For the workaholic we have a perfect heart pattern for your office, since quarantine, a lot of us have been adapting a space at home and start with the home office so it is the perfect time to set it up the way we like, how cool is that?



Tiny hearts pattern for room

This heart pattern is one of our favorites for kids' rooms because even it is Valentine´s or not, this wall pattern could be for a decoration that lasts a long time.



Hearts wall decor

If you have an establishment, it is the perfect time to show to all your customers that you care about them, decor for them and for your shop, keep it simple! Look at this heart pattern at a coffee shop.

Bonice is your real Valentine!

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