Be ready for Valentine´s Decor

Hey hey hey! It is almost Valentine´s Day, on our last blog we tell you how does this lovely tradition start, so go and check it out!

Well… as you may know, we love to give you decor ideas, so in this post, we want to give you a few ideas for decor for this season.

One thing that we notice, is that February wall decor can stay (in some cases) the entire year!

How cool is that? It is kind of offseason, and that is because… because if you keep it minimalist, it can turn on a pretty lovely room, a mini heart pattern can look amazing on a child's bedroom, or even on a creative office.


Kitchen Wall Decals 

We have been bet on fruit patterns for kitchens, so, for this month we create a strawberry pattern, the color is so cute and perfect for the occasion, and like we already say, is a pattern that you can keep for more and more time.


Decor for tiny rooms

If you are not a fan of seasonal decor, but you want to give a little twist with Valentine´s day vibes, we recommend you choose a tiny space where you can set up a wall sticker.

It is the month of love and friendship, also almost Valentine's day, do you celebrate it or is it a big no for you? Tell us in the comments on our Valentine edition post on Instagram.

Heart attack 

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