Tips for autumn and winter decor

Finally almost the end of the year!

One of the best ideas for closed this kinda weird year is a nice and cool decor for your home.

Let us tell you that there´s no need to put a ton of money and effort into a new space. Like we tell you in our previews blog, on Bonice we love seasonal decor so for this autumn and almost Winter season we have a few wall decal ideas for your home.

 Oh, Deer! Nursery Room

Decor the room for your little bundle of happiness! We love this tiny deer pattern for a nursery room.



If you want something more cheerful and with color, definitley this gingerbread pattern would be the one!



Kids in the house?

No worries, we have pretty funny wall decals for Christmas.




One of the best things about these wall decals is that are adhesive friendly, so you can change them constantly and say bye to sticky walls.

 For the entire house decor, we love this candy cane,  is a kinda minimalist pattern for your living room, definitley your guest will be in love with this wall art.


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