Tips for a Christmas decor

Almost Christmas Eve! Have you already settle up your Christmas tree, the front door Christmas Crown and put on a strategic spot a mistletoe?

If your answer is no, what are you waiting for? We perfectly know that 2020 has been a thug year, but that is an excuse to be grateful and transform your home into a cheerful place.

How can you that?

Well, there are thousands of ways to transform a space, but let´s be honest… how many times do you have to do this kind of task? We perfectly know that even we stay at home most of the time for the pandemic we are going through, most of the people have much more to do even at home, so Bonice is here to fix that.

Time is gold

You can find on our web page, or even on our Instagram account (psst on the highlights to be exactly) tips for a perfect installation, also we are working on a video where we explain pretty detail how to install your Bonice wall sticker. It is pretty easy, but we want to give that tool to our clients so you can save a lot much more time, so stay tuned.


Create magic at home

We are professionals on create whatever your imagination wants for your wall decor. Every single day we create new designs, so we are kind of an ideas machine… but we love when our clients explain to us what they want, so we can work as a team and gave them the perfect vinyl.


Pretty Seasonal huh?

In our last blogs, we tell you that on Bonice we love to decore for specifics times of the year, we are pretty seasonal. So for this Christmas time why don't you up for a Christmas Tree wall decal instead of a traditional tree.


Different Vibes

The plus to love as we do seasonal decor is that every single year you can change your wall decor!


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