Unicorn Decor for Nursery Room

If you read us for a long time, you may know that we already have a blog talking about nursery rooms, we give you many tips about the essentials that every single nursery room needs.

Even though, on this post, we want to give you ideas that we have been creating on Bonice for wall decor.

One thing that represents Bonice is that we create whatever you want, we love that our clients can explode completely their imagination and create authentic, unique, and personalized wall decor.

Dinosaurs Decor 

For years and years, we have known that even Dinosaurs are exciting they are on everybody's minds, they are pretty cool, huh?

Here at Bonice, we have this incredible sticker vinyl for a nursery room, cute and colorful.

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Little Trains Decor

One of our favorite toys, since we were in diapers, was definitely train toys, so that’s why we decided to create a pastel color and delicate train wall sticker, we give it a twist with some clouds, planes, and trees to complete this idea.

What was your favorite toy when you were a kid? Tell us on our Instagram.

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Unicorn Decor for Room

We love unicorns because it is the perfect representation of magic.
We believe that creating a unique space for your child, will create a space where your little bump of happiness will feel secure, it is like “hey the unicorn is protecting me, huh”

So why don’t you bet to create and unique wall decor for your child? We will love to hear your ideas, you can send us a message via Facebook or Instagram

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Be happy,

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