International Women´s Day

As you may know, on March is “celebrating” International Women´s Day, we put between quotation mark because is not a celebration, is a today fight to eradicate gender violence and achieve equality between women and men.

On March 8th millions of women around the world take the streets to protest against violence.

So here at Bonice, we create a special collection to represent that women's power.

Keep it simple!

We create this wall sticker that fits perfect for tiny spaces as you may see in the picture, a room full of decorative paintings and pictures make the perfect harmony to set up a grl power.


Quote of the day!

We love quotes and mantras for our day a day, so we decided to set up a “You can do the thing” wall sticker, to always remember that you can do all the things you proposed, it is perfect for an office/studio space.

Pattern Decor 

As you may know, we love patterns, you can see it through our Instagram account, so we obviously would create a women's pattern, that is perfect for communal spaces, as an office, store, etc.



Flower Pattern

One of our favorites designs would be definitely flowers, these designs are perfect for every single space and every single season.

Send us a message to know more about this collection. 

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