Dreaming about a new kitchen?

Who cannot wish for a stylish kitchen? before you knock down the walls take the chance of smart and small changes in your home, give it an upgrade and make it like a really instagrammable spot.

 How can I do that? Well, there are tonnes of images on Instagram or Pinterest where you can find some kitchen design ideas and take some inspiration for it. It is kind of obvious that with new cabinets knobs, a new sink, or even a new kitchen bar (like a marble one that by the way are on trend) will change a lot, but as we mention it before; smart and small changes will completely change the vibe, something bespoke.

One of the keys is good lighting, some nature, and more... do you wanna discover more? Keep scrolling.


Definitely, the kitchen can be considered the heart of your home, it is where most of the time a lot of families spend time together, and kinda sanctuary for foodies.

So having a modern kitchen design can be a piece of cake, you can change the vibe of your kitchen in a flash. The sky is the limit, so let your imagination flue and go for it.

One of the easiest changes that you can do to your kitchen is some wall art; a few decorative frames, some flowers or plants falling from the ceiling.


We can say that the master key for kitchen design to give it a boost are types of vinyl, the best part of this is that you can totally customize it and transform your kitchen. Give it a twist! with this option, you can create patterns, wall decals,  stickers, or whatever you want.

How about a nice and clean pattern over a white wall? For the ones that love a minimalist and fresh style a hexagon pattern could be a great idea, just keep it simple.


For the ones that love color, a great option could be a more tropical design as some flowers vinyl, or even a fruit like cherries or some lemon stickers so you can peel and stick as easy as that and give it a little color to your house.


Photo from melo-drama.com

Remember to create small changes, you don´t need to buy new kitchen benches or knock down the walls for big results, with simple things as plants, natural good lighting or maybe invert on a nice trendy ceiling light, also a wall art like vinyl, or even some decorative frames you will see a big difference.

 What do you think? let´s try something new.

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