Create your own custom silhouettes for a wall decal

Definitely this idea is a pretty cool wall decor 

Hey over there! We have been pretty excited because we have new designs!

If you follow us on social media you may already see some posts  with this new collection we are talking about.

So we decide to create a special blog for these designs that keeps you pretty excited

Silhouettes of those you love the most

1- This wall decal is pretty special for us because it was on our  Mothers Day collection, this one was thinking in create a mom’s silhouette, of course, so our clients send us their mom's picture so we can create a totally custom wall decal design.


2-One of our favorites! As we see that you love Fatima´s eye pattern  we create this new design!



Create a creative wall art for a living room

3- About all these designs our favorite part is that you can play with the color combination, which colors would you choose? 

Tell us in the comments 


4-This design is also pretty special as the first one. You can send us a picture that represents you with the one that you love and we can create the perfect  silhouettes for you.


So what do you think about this creative wall decal Go to our social media  and let us know, we would love to hear from you.


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