Colors of 2021

Do you know the color of the year?

Din Din new year, new colors, new trends, new beginnings! As every single year, Pantone revealed the colors for this 2021, do you know which are?

Experts describe both colors as:

  • Illuminating (Pantone 13-0647) a warm, bright and cheerful tone that generates liveliness and effervescence
  • Ultimate Grey (Pantone 17-5104) It is a symbol of solid and reliable elements, being the color of rocks and beach stones.


 Image via Vogue

Definitely, on Bonice we love to be up to the day, so we have some proposals for you

Keep it simple

What about a simple pattern on your wall? We are big fans of polka dots because it can convert your room in a pretty stylish way.

In the last post, we talk about minimalist designs and one of them also was polka dots, so go and check it out, because we give you another design idea for a living room.


 Getty Image

Good Vibes

For years and years, elephants have been considered tractors of good luck, so what about an elephant on your room wall? Plus you can customize the way you prefer, size, color, or even your own design!

Remember that at Bonice you can create whatever you want, our design team can work on hand with you, so you can have a unique product.

(Psst… look at that grey elephant, so trendy)



Keep an eye on the details

It could be a floor lamp, curtains, or a sofa for your living room in a 2021 color and you would be on total trend.

What do you think about this flower pattern? We are in love with this one because is so delicate and cute.



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